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Answer;    CCW/CPL classes are a one day class, usually between 8-9 hours.

Question; Do I have to have prior shooting experience to attend your CCW/CPL class?
Answer;   No. We have taught many, many people to shoot in our CCW/CPL classes.

Question; How old do I have to be to attend your CCW/CPL class?
Answer;   You must be 21 years old to file the CCW/CPL application with the state of Michigan.

Question; Does your course meet the Michigan requirements to obtain my CCW/CPL license?
Answer;   We are NRA Instructors, we teach NRA program(s) that are accepted in all 83 counties to obtain your
CCW/CPL license.

Question; What if I don't currently own a handgun, can I still attend your CCW/CPL class?
Answer;   Yes, you can rent handguns(for an additional fee) at the range. You will learn the pro's and con's of different
types of handguns in class so you can make an informed decision after class on what type to buy.

Question; My friend owns a handgun, they say I can borrow it to attend your CCW/CPL class?
Answer;   Under Michigan Law, you cannot legally transport a handgun that is not registered to you without a valid CPL

Question; What kind of clothing is required to attend your CCW/CPL class?
Answer;   Flip flops and low cut shirts are generally not recommended due to the hot shell casings ejecting from the

Question; What is the process after I attend your CCW/CPL class?
Answer;   You must file a CPL application with your county clerk in which county you reside in. Cost is $100 to apply,
which also covers the cost of fingerprinting. There is also a $15 charge for your photo which is attached to your CPL
license.  Once you submit your application, fingerprints generally follow, this process can vary by county.  We cover the
application process in class.

Question; Can I travel and carry concealed in other states using my Michigan CCW/CPL license?
Answer;   Yes. It is called "Reciprocity". There are approximately 34 other states that do accept our Michigan CCW/CPL
license to carry concealed in their states. We cover this portion in detail day of class.

Question; Once I get my CCW/CPL license, how long before it expires?
Answer;   Based on the issue date and when your birthday falls, your license is valid for a minimum of 4 years and a
maximum of 5 years.

Question; Do you have "women only" or "men only" classes?
Answer;   We welcome all, in fact we encourage it, it makes for great group discussions where we can learn from each
other. We make everyone feel as equally comfortable.

Question; I'm concerned about using my credit card over the Internet to register for your class. Do I have other options?
Answer;   We require you to register and pay either a deposit or pay in full on line. Our classes are normally full, in
preparation for our classes we have costs that are paid in advance for materials, range time etc...that is why we require
to you pay in advance. Our site is secure, it is tested on a regular basis. We use Paypal services for payments which is
also secure.

Question; My CPL license has expired, what are my options? Can I just take a 3 hour renewal class?
Answer;    Yes, provided your license has not been expired for more than a year. If it has been expired for more than a
year, under a new reform bill, you must attend a new 8 hour training class.
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