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Michigan CCW/CPL Class (Concealed Pistol License)

CCW/CPL Classes are typically 8- 9 hours

This class helps you prepare mentally and physically for a life threatening encounter. We teach Knowledge, Skills and Attitude,
Firearms safety, how to choose the right handgun, Legal responsibilities, CPL laws and much more! Live fire is required in this class.

Things you need to bring with you!
1. Balance for class if applicable. *Cash only day of class*
2. Pen and paper for notes.
3. If you don't own a handgun, no problem, handgun rentals are available at the range for $10. Ammo is additional cost of approx $15
3. Note: Due to ammo availability...we are currently only firing (50) rounds per person in class.
4. Eye and ear protection also available for small additional charge.

Cost $79.00 per person.  Cost covers classroom materials and range time. Handgun and ammo extra.

Michigan CCW/CPL Renewal Class

Our CCW/CPL renewal course is for someone who's
CCW/CPL License is about to expire. This course runs about
2-3 hours of classroom where we cover the CPL laws, the
updates on where you can and cannot carry and the Self
Defense law updates. You will then shoot 30 rounds on the

Renewals are done same day as new licensees. Start time for
renewals is 1:00pm. Call to register.

Cost $60.00 per person. Cost covers classroom materials and
range time.
Gift Certificate (Michigan Location)

Are you looking for that perfect gift? Why not give that person the
gift they've always wanted...A gift certificate for a CCW/CPL
class? Our gift certificates are valid for one full CCW/CPL class
which covers the classroom materials and range time. Gun
rentals and ammo are extra. Think about the look you would get
giving this gift certificate to your husband, wife, family member
And better yet, our gift certificates don't expire!

Cost: $79.00 each
Note: Make sure you provide you're correct mailing address
when making payment.

Basic Pistol (Michigan Location)

Are you looking for some basic handgun training? Maybe some
one-on-one time with a firearms instructor to learn the basics of
handgun shooting. Learn the proper grip(s), the proper
stance(s), load/unload etc...maybe learn and correct why you
aren't hitting the target where you are aiming? Whatever the
reason we offer that course. Just some good ol' fashion
one-on-one training to improve your accuracy and maybe build
your confidence.

Cost $100.00 per person. Training takes place evenings from
6-8pm depending on your schedule. Taylor location only.
Range fees extra. Call to register.