Our Next available CCW/CPL Class in Taylor is Saturday January 3rd.

Note: Price includes classroom materials and range time.
Welcome to American Firearms Training, LLC

My name is Frank, President and Chief Instructor of American Firearms Training LLC. Our company is dedicated to
teaching you the correct way of protecting yourself and your family in defensive situations. We are a professional
company that knows that it's a serious responsibility to carry a concealed handgun. Based on this, we take the time to
train you correctly, answer all your question(s) and ensure you are ready to obtain your CCW license. It's all about
exceeding your expectations when you take our course and that is the key to our success!  When it comes to your
families safety, don't you owe it to yourself to be trained by Instructor(s) who's goal is training you correctly? Your life
may depend on it!

We've been teaching CCW/CPL classes for over 10 years now and have an outstanding reputation! Not many
companies can claim that! Take a few moments to read over our website...especially our FAQ page. I have answered
many of our students questions there. If you still have questions after reading through our website, feel free to email me
and I will answer them. We personally look forward to training you!

We serve southeastern Michigan and Milwaukee Wisconsin. We have courses for everyone. Our CCW/CPL course is
what we teach most, however, we do offer other courses, check our "classes" page for more detailed information. Our
NRA Personal Protection in the Home course is required to obtain a Michigan CCW/CPL license, this class is taught by
NRA Certified Firearm Instructor(s).

Thanks for visiting our site..."We look forward to training you".
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